Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monsters Remastered

Monsters Remastered is a semi-regular feature I plan to write that takes classic monsters and fits them into my home-brewed fantasy world. Some of the featured monsters will be creatures that, for whatever reason, don't quite jibe with me. Others will just be creatures that I want to give my own creative bit of fluff. Think of these writeups as an alternate “ecology” entry for each monster. Hopefully, while explaining how the creature works in my world, I can still keep things generic enough that others can use them as well.

Each Monsters Remastered will start with an examination of how I view the monster and its role in the generic gameworld and real-world mythology. From there, I'll talk about how the creature works in my setting and then give game mechanics to back up my ideas. The brunt of this, I think, will be open gaming content so that anyone who wants to can use what I've come up with.

My first creature will be the gargoyle, a D&D monster that comes, I think, with some strange baggage.

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