Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Playtest: Part 0

Goodman Games, makers of the very popular and prolific Dungeon Crawl Classic adventures for 3E and 4E D&D have decided to produce their own RPG. You should click here to read more about the DCC RPG. Like Paizo did with Pathfinder, Goodman Games are releasing an in-progress Beta Version of their rules as a free download. I've decided to throw in my efforts and playtest the game myself, at least to the best of my abilities all by myself in Korea.

If you were are too lazy to follow the above link, allow me to summarize what the DCC RPG is all about. I quote the site:

"What if Gygax and Arneson had access to the Open Game License when they created D&D? What if they spent their time adapting thirty years of game design principles to their stated inspirations -- rather than creating the building blocks from scratch? What if someone were to attempt just that: to immerse himself in the game’s inspirations and re-envision the output using modern game design principles"

Essentially, the designers tried to go back to the roots of D&D, to the books and stories that inspired the game (as shown in Appendix N of the AD&D Dungeonmaster's Guide) and design a modern game that more closely reflects those literary sources. Thus, magic is more random and dangerous, characters are not necessarily super heroes, etc.

If you're interested, feel free to go and download the Beta rules for yourself. I'm not here to review them, at least not in this post. What I'm doing right now is playtesting them, putting the crunchy bits into action and seeing how they play out. I'm sure I'll do an actual review at some point in the next few weeks. Until then, stay tuned for my playtest.

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