Monday, June 29, 2015

Coming Soon...A Return to Dwimmermount

It’s amazing how time consuming college can be. I had more time when I was in the Army than I do now. Granted, I’m not in class the equivalent of a full workday, but the combination of homework, studying, and regular father-of-four family stuff is a flat-out exhausting.

Part of it was getting used to the change. Spring classes turned into Summer classes, which will soon give way to Fall classes. The schedule changes every few months, but I’m getting used to the feel and flow of balancing the workload. Weekends, surprisingly enough, are relatively free (as long as I keep as busy as possible during the week).

In an effort to get back into things, I’m making a concentrated focus on this blog. It’s mostly an echo chamber, I know, but I didn’t start it so I’d get famous or even any followers. The writing is the important thing. Giving myself a goal of at least a weekly post helps keep me organized and productive. Yes, I’m organized and productive with regards to my classes, but this writing is different. This writing is an escape from all that and good for my soul.

To that end, I’m also breathing life into the kids Dwimmermount Campaign. It won’t likely be on Wednesdays anymore, but I’ll probably still keep that name just for convenience. This is more “good for the soul” type stuff, as my Pathfinder campaign with the grownups (which I’ve not talked about here much) has stalled out as well. I’m hoping that running the one will rekindle the other.

Up next, I wrote a bit of a rant, just to get something on the blog again.

Due stay tuned (he said to no one).


  1. I approve of Echo Chambers, I own one myself!

    On to your post, I may run Dwimmermount for my kids...sounds fun!

    1. Thanks for the comment. We're headed back to Dwimmermount this weekend. Should have the session report up early next week.